2019/08/19 12:00:00

Architecture & Urban Spaces

Entries into this category must depict the built environment in some form. People, animals and other elements may contribute to the narrative but will be judged within the context of the category


Entries into this category must depict the human condition and include people or a person in some form.


Entries into this category must depict the human condition in relationship to the environment and will reward the documentary style approach to story telling


Entries into this category will be judged in the context of a landscape in its broadest sense, allowing us to reward excellence in the photography of remote wildernesses, urban/city scapes and aerial photography.

Wildlife & Animals

Entire are not limited to wildlife, and may also include the depiction of agricultural and domestic animal.

Entries into this category must not have been created through the use of any practice that disrupts the natural environment of the animal or causes direct harm to any creature.

Practices such as live baiting etc are strictly prohibited.

Southern Flinders Ranges

Entries must have been taken in or around the Flinders Ranges and depict the iconic landscape, wildlife, people or culture of the Flinders Ranges area.