2019/08/19 12:00:00

Can I mail my submission?

Since all of our judging is done online, we no longer except mailed in submissions.

How can I pay for the photographs that I submit?

We accept Visa and Master cards or Paypal at the moment.

Can I enter one photograph into multiple categories?

Yes, you may enter the same photograph into as many categories as you want, and doing so may increase your chances of winning.

What is time of the final deadline?

We accept online entries until 02:30AM GMT on 19 August 2019 (12:00PM Australian Standard Time)

What is the  Copyright policy & How can SFR Photo Festival use my photographs?

The photographer always retain the copyright of his image. SFR Photo Festival/ Port Pirie Regional Council has the right to use your submitted photographs for the annual exhibition(s). If you are a winner or your work selected in Best 50 we  may also use your work for marketing and promotional purposes, with credit to the photographer’s.

Where will the prints go after the exhibit?

SFR Photo Festival will never sell your prints. Either it will exhibit in other shows or it will put up in Southern Flinders Ranges schools, hospitals, community centres with your credentials.

What happens if some one wants to buy my prints?

We will put the interested person in touch with you. We are  not in business of selling prints.

Who can participate in the contest?

Contest open for anyone from age of 16 years and onwards.

I live in Bosnia can i participate?

Contest is open for all nationalities, where ever you live.